Artec Space Spider Scanner


Up for sale Excellent Condition Artec Space Spider 3D scanner, the Scanner literally like brand new and meticulously kept. It comes with a complete KIT shown in the pictures and everything is in perfect order.


Artec Space Spider professional 3D Scanner for sale, Condition is Used. It comes with a complete KIT shown in the pictures and everything is in perfect order and like new, manufacture of 2018. Software: The latest version of the Artec Studio 10 software (performed well on a laptop equipped with 32Gb RAM and an Nvidia graphics card). 

Artec Space Spider is a portable 3D scanner of metrological accuracy, which uses advanced electronic components, as well as improved stabilization of the operating temperature. Suitable for scanning mechanical parts, computer circuit boards, keys, coins or body parts. It has the ability to scan the most complex surface geometry, providing the best quality scans. The scope of Space Spider is very wide: design, computer graphics, quality control, forensics, medicine, forensics, education, science, the automotive and aerospace industries, and much more.

1. OBJECTS TO 3D SCAN: Capture small objects with complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs with Artec Space Spider. Scan objects and export to SOLIDWORKS CAD or any CAD platform.
2. SPEED AND PRECISION: Artec Space Spider processes up to 1 million points per second which gives you extremely high resolution (up to 0.1mm) and superior accuracy (up to 0.05mm). 
3. SPACE TECHNOLOGY ON EARTH: Just like it sounds, the Space Spider was developed for use in outer space for the International Space Station. When gravity is applied, the scanner results are just as spectacular.  
4. LONG-TERM REPEATABILITY: The Space Spider has new high-grade electronics and a faster warming period designed for a space environment. The Artec Space Spider is a robust 3D scanner with long term repeatability and accuracy. 
5. SAVE TIME WITH QUICK ADJUSTMENTS TO TEMPERATURE: As with every measurement tool, they need to adjust to a particular environment. Since the Space Spider was designed for space, it is designed to quickly adapt to temperatures and adjust to conditions in 3 minutes. That saves you valuable time. 
6. REAL-TIME SCANNING: With the Space Spider, you can scan at speeds of 7.5 frames per second. The frames are automatically aligned in real-time giving you instant feedback on your scan.
7. RAPID PROTOTYPING: The Artec Space Spider is a perfect fit for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. It has been adopted as the preferred scanner in healthcare, automotive, aerospace, heritage preservation, and graphic design. 
8. PORTABILITY: Extremely lightweight at 1.9 lbs and compatible with most batteries, the Artec Space Spider can go anywhere, on earth and space giving you maximum portability.  

- Essential parts required to operate the scanner
- Two USB Cables
- Power supply Artec
- Artec Studio License Software


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