AGL MR360RA Machine Control


Up for sale! New The AGL MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Featuring a large 360-degree reception angle, it picks up any rotating laser from any angle.


The GeoMax AGL MR360R machine mounted laser level detector receiver for excavator. For the contractor involved in construction or agricultural projects such as site preparation, grading, pipe laying dam construction, and excavation projects. Contractors use rotating lasers plus a detector system mounted on equipment to constantly receive the laser reference plane. Some systems are interfaced with an electric/hydraulic valve into the machine's hydraulic system to provide automatic control of the blade elevation. This system includes a wireless remote display.

Two detection accuracies: Fine 6mm, Coarse 12 mm
360-degree reception angle
Plumb LED indicator
3 display channels
9.75-inch capture height
Auto shut-off
30-hour battery life
Power Source: NiMH rechargeable battery
Charging Time: 12 hours
The dustproof and waterproof, IP67 rating
Built-in shock mounts
1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Last Beam Memory: yes
Reception Angle: 360°
Plumb Indicator: ± 5°
LED Indicators: Blinking (for accuracy settings and out-of-beam indication)
Dimensions: 14.75"L x 3"W x 4"H
Weight: 4 lbs

MR360RA receiver with magnets
MD360R remote display
Receiver clamp
Receiver charger
Carrying Case

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