Artec Ray 3D Scanners


Demo unit ARTEC Ray 3D Scanner, excellent High accuracy long-range laser 3D scanner ideal for precise capture of large objects.


We selling an ARTEC Ray 3D Scanner, this set is demo used condition literally likes brand new and meticulously kept. It comes with a complete KIT shown in the pictures and everything is in perfect order.

Manufacture: 2018 
Warranty: The standard warranty is 2 Years, an additional 3rd year can be purchased
Software: Artec Studio 13

The fastest and most accurate long-range 3D scanner with laser technology for precise capture of large objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers, planes, and buildings. Producing 3D scans of the highest quality, Artec Ray scans with submillimeter distance precision and best in class angular accuracy. As a result, data capture is noticeably cleaner than that from other 3D laser scanners, with noise levels at an absolute minimum. This speeds up post-processing significantly, making it a hassle-free job. 

3D scan and process data directly in the powerful Artec Studio software with a wide range of comprehensive tools available, then seamlessly export to Geomagic Design X at the touch of a button to make the most out of your 3D laser scanning experience. Artec Ray 3D Scanner is High accuracy long-range 3D scanner for precise capture of large objects. Scan up to 110 m away with this professional LIDAR solution.

Range: Up to 110 m
Ranging error: <0.7 mm @ 15 m
Angular accuracy: 25 arcseconds
Range Noise, 90% reflectivity: 0.12 mm @ 15 m
Range Noise, 10% reflectivity: 0.3 mm @ 15 m?0.1 mm
Color: Two fully integrated 5-megapixel cameras
Weight: Under 5 kg

Features & Benefits:
- Adaptability: users have the possibility to choose between two different 3D scanning modes, high quality or high sensitivity.
- Ease of use: after placing the Ray 3D scanner on a tripod, users only need to press a button to 3D scan an object.
- Field-of-view: this portable 3D scanner features a horizontal FoV of 360° and a vertical FoV of 270°.
- Large scan range: Ray’s 3D scanning range is 110 meters, allowing it to capture entire buildings in 3D.

Tech Implemented: Lightweight and user-friendly, Artec Ray was specially designed to ensure you get the most out of this powerful 3D laser scanner, whether it is getting the 3D measurements for quality control of a large industrial object or creating an accurate 3D model for heritage preservation. With no need for any lengthy preparations, you can 3D scan almost anything by simply mounting your Artec Ray on a tripod in front of your object and pressing a button!

Accessible & Convenient 3D data capture: Portable and compact, this versatile long-range LIDAR solution is the latest in 3D laser scanning. An inbuilt battery lets you scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours, without a need for a power source nearby, making this a perfect solution for onsite 3D scanning.

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