Faro Focus S 350 Scanner

FARO Focus Laser Scanner S350, The Most Compact, Lightweight and Intuitive Laser Scanner Product Series. FARO Focus Laser Scanner S350. The device has the latest technology for applications in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Public Safety ETC



Up for sale! Demo-used condition FARO Focus S 350 3D Scanner, Manufactured 2019 and Calibrated 24/12/2021 - Literally like new, meticulously kept and everything is in perfect order.  It comes with a complete SET shown in the pictures and Software FARO SCENE. This model is the most long-range in the line of phase scanners FARO and a universal solution for performing virtually any tasks on terrestrial laser scanning. High scanning speed (up to 976 thousand points/sec), the accuracy of 1 millimeter and a range of 350 meters allow the use of FARO Focus S350 not only on ordinary objects (buildings, structures, structures) but also on extended polygon objects. For example, it can be used to perform career surveys, bridges, and high-rise buildings. Previously, such objects went beyond the application of phase scanners. Such versatility, coupled with high reliability, allows the use of a scanner in almost all branches of human activity.


  • (1X) Focus S 350 Laser Scanner
  • (2X) Battery Power Block and Dock
  • (1X) Memory Card SD 32 GB
  • (1X) One Set of never used Spherical Targets and mounts (5 spheres total)
  • (1X) Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with an adapter (photography style)
  • (1X) Tri-band and adapter for large survey style tripod
  • (1X) Laser protection goggles
  • (1X) Carrying case
  • (1X) 5 Spheres Transportation Hard Case
  • (1X) SD Card Reader
  • (2X) 220V Battery Charger
  • (1X) Optic Cleaning Tissues and Tissues
  • (1X) The quick-detachable adapter for installation on a photo-support
  • (1X) Allen Wrench
  • (1X) Rugged Transport Case
  • (1X) User's manual/Quick Start Guide
  • (1X) Transport shockproof case
  • (1X) Calibration Certificate
  • Download Faro-Focus-S-350-Laser-Scanner

With scan speed of 97 Hz, 165 megapixel color resolution, and an angular accuracy of 19 arc sec,  FARO Focus S350 will give fast, accurate and HDR measurements to improve projects and product quality. Certified with Ingress Protection (IP) Rating for environmental protection, the device is designed to sustain rain, dust, fog and give the same precise results. It also has On-Site Registration feature which comes handy in outdoor measurements as the scan data is wirelessly transmitted to FARO SCENE, providing flexibility and time savings.

> Height 23 M
> Depth 18.3 M
> Width 10.3 M
> Total Weight 4.2 kg
> Range measurement principle: pulse
> Wavelength: 1550 nm
> Laser safety classification: 1
> Min. Range: 0.6 M
> Max. Range: 70 m
> Beam diameter at exit: 2.12 mm
> Beam divergence: 0.3 mrad
> Max. vertical field of view: 300 [deg]
> Max. horizontal field of view: 360 [deg]
> Min. horizontal step size: 0.009 [deg]
> Min. vertical step size: 0.009 [deg]
> Beam deflection mechanism: Rotating Mirror
> Operating temperature: min.: 5 - 40 normal | -20 - 55 extended | -10 - 60 storage [°C]
> Operating temperature: max.: 40 [°C]
> Humidity range: non-condensing [%]
> Internal Camera: YES
> Control panel built in: YES
> IP Rating: 54
> Dual Axis Compensation: YES
> Battery type: 19 V external - 14.4 V internal
> Scan time per battery: 4.5 [h]
> User interface: Via touchscreen display and WLAN connection. Access by mobile devices with HTML5
> Specifications: Data Storage: SD, SDHC™, SDXC™; 256GB card
> Additional sensors: Height Sensor, Compass, Integrated GPS and GLONASS
> Registration/orientation methods: The electronic compass gives the scan an orientation. A calibration feature is included.
> Real time visualization during scanning: YES
> Geo-referencing: YES
> Main users: Android/iOS
> Main applications: Inspection, Settlement Control, Reverse Engineering, Scan to BIM in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Public Safety and Forensics or Product Design

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