Topcon GLS 2000S 3D Laser Scanner

Realizing high-speed scanning in all work steps, With the GLS-2000, true high-speed laser scanning is realized. The GLS-2000 can provide stress-free measurement throughout an entire project with increased productivity and high efficiency.



Topcon GLS-2000 3D Laser Scanner is available one SET for sale, this GLS-2000 is a compact and lightweight multi-adjustable laser scanner includes with Software: Topcon Scan Master Software V3.0 (USB Dongle) Powerful Windows Application that registers scans, creates surfaces, poly lines, points, calculates volumes, cross-sections, profiles & more.

The GLS-2000 series of scanners is composed of three comparable, yet distinct models: The GLS-2000S (short-range), GLS-2000M (middle-range), and the GLS-2000L (long-range). Each model is a full-featured scanner that can be effectively deployed to capture existing, as-built conditions for any application range. The compact, lightweight series of scanners accurately captures a full 360° scan including images in less than three minutes. With features:
1. Selectable laser modes from Class 3R to Class 1M
2. Multiple lens array system - quickly switches focal length settings
3. Auto temperature adjustment - consistent accuracy throughout the workday
4. Precise Scan Technology - signal processing including wave form for the ultimate in precise data

(1X) 3D Laser Scanner GLS-2000
(4X) BDC plugin Batteries
(2X) CDC68A Dual Chargers
(1X) Height Measurement Target
(2X) Small Targets
(1X) Stylus Pen
(1X) Rain Cover
(1X) Carrying Case
(1X) Manual Book
(4X) GB SD Card
(1X) Additional BDC70 Li-Ion Batteries
(1X) Additional CDC58A Dual Chargers

Download Topcon-GLS-2000S-3D-Laser-Scanner

Download Topcon-GLS-2000S-3D-Laser-Scanner-Series

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