DSX Utility Detection Radar


Uncovering utilities clearly and effortlessly - Leica DSX ground penetrating radar (GPR) Detection Solution makes utility detection significantly quicker and simpler comes with many benefits including all-in-one DXplore software License.


The DSX ground penetrating radar (GPR) system allows anyone to easily be able to identify the unknown underground utilities on a Jobsite all while improving safety and lowering overall cost and availability for Paired with the Leica iCG70T Tilt Rover, it allows the accurate transfer of data to the GPS excavator for avoidance or to the GPS rover for a stakeout.  Email us for an updated SET price offer!!

Hardware System Specs:
Central Frequency: 600 MHz 
Detection Depth: Up to 2m / 6.56ft 
Acquisition Speed: Up to 7km/h or 4.3mph 
Scan Interval: l 0.50m / 18in 
Positioning: 2 encoders on wheels; GNSS antenna integration (Surveyor kit only) 
Environmental: IP65 
Weight: 23kg (without battery and tablet) 
Battery: Li-ion 14.8V / 5800mAh up to 8 hours operating time
Operating Temperature: –10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F 
Warranty: 2 years (extension CCPs available) 

CT1000 Tablet:
Display: 11.6"
Processor: Intel Core i3-7100U
Memory: RAM 4GB, 128GB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional
Positioning: GPS (GlobalSat)
Environmental: Sunlight readable display (LCD+Touchscreen+Hard Tip stylus) IP65 / MIL-STD-810G
Weight 1.39Kg
Battery: Li-Ion 11.4V / 2160mAh
Communications: WiFi, Bluetooth v4.2, 4G LTE (Model 880920), RJ45 – connection to DSX
Warranty: Two Years Global Warranty (Battery – 1 Year)

Leica DSX utility detection solution For utility repair and maintenance, civil engineering and surveying companies, the Leica DSX utility detection solution, consisting of portable hardware with intuitive software allows us to easily locate, visualize and map utilities. Unlike any other ground-penetrating radar (GPR) system, the Leica DSX maximizes productivity with cutting-edge software that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map on the field.

(1X) DSX Utility Detection System
(1X) CT1000 Controller
(1X) DXplore Build Perpetual License
(1X) DXplore DSX Basic CCP
(1X) DSXplore CCP

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DSX Utility Detection Radar


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