GSSI 100MHz Antenna Mono Static


Up for sale Brand new GSSI 100MHz Antenna, Mono Static including skid trays surveys wheels and tow ropes.


This 100 MHz Antenna is a new condition and comes with skid trays surveys wheels & tow ropes. The 100 MHz Antenna is used for deep subsurface applications. The 100 MHz monostatic combines the transmit and receive electronics in a single antenna housing, while the 100 MHz bistatic antenna is a versatile antenna pair that can operate in three different configurations to optimize performance. Both antennas are compatible with the SIR 4000 and SIR 3000 control units.
- Center Frequency: 100 MHz
- Depth Range: 2-15 m (5-50 ft)
- Weight: 13 kg (28 lbs)
- Dimensions:  203.1×96.5×30.5 cm (80x38x12 in)
- Model: 3207AP (Shielded)

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