GSSI UtilityScan Pro SIR4000


Up for sale! used GSSI UtilityScan Pro with SIR 4000 GPR bundled with high-resolution 1600MHZ Antenna, good condition and ready to work!


Used GSSI UtilityScan Pro SIR 4000 GPR bundled with 1600 Mhz General Purpose Concrete Antenna bundled.
Software:  Radan 7 complete (option: 3D module)
- The reference in GPR data processing 
- Numerous tools for editing and interpreting 2D and 3D data
- Treatments and powerful filters
- GPS positioning
- DXF, JPG, and Google Earth outputs

Applications for SIR 4000 Control Unit:
> Utility designation
> Concrete inspection
> Mining and geology
> Environmental assessment
> Archaeology
> Forensics

SIR 4000 Control Unit Specs:
- Antennas: Compatible with all GSSI antennas
- Number of Channels: Records data from 1 single-frequency antenna or 1 dual-frequency antenna
- Data Storage: 32 GB
- Display: Enhanced 10.4" LED display w/ internal high brightness, Active matrix 1024 x 768     resolution and 32-bit color
- GPS: Data logged internally
- Display Modes: Linescan, Linescan plus O-scope, Wiggle trace Full 3D, 256 color bins are used to  represent the amplitude and   polarity of the signal
SIR 4000 Mechanical Specs:
Dimensions: 14x10x2.75 in (36x25x7 cm)
Weight:  10 lbs (4.53 kg) including battery
Relative Humidity:  <95% non-condensing
Storage Temperature:  -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

The 1600 MHz is a high-resolution, all-purpose antenna used to inspect concrete structures to locate embedded rebar, post-tension cables and conduits. It is used on bridge decks for condition assessment and to determine concrete cover.

GSSI1600 Mhz Antenna Specs:
- Center Frequency: 1600 MHz
- Depth Range: 0-0.5 m (0-18 in)
- Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)
- Dimensions: 3.8x10.16.5 cm (1.5x4x6.5 in)
- Model: 51600S

(1X) GSSI SIR-4000 Control Unit
(1X) 1600Mhz General Purpose Concrete Antenna 
(1X) All-terrain Forklift
(1X) 2m Antenna Cable
(1X) Robust transport case for SIR4000
(1X) 4-wheel Smart Cart
(1X) AC Adapter
(1X) Sunshield

Fully integrated, the SIR 4000 provides a simple user interface, plug-and-play GPS integration, and Wi-Fi enabled data transfer functionality

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