API Radian PRO Tracker

API Laser Tracker RADIAN PRO is the smallest, most accurate, most versatile, and most intelligent laser tracker on the market. Our exclusive on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head reduces sources of error thereby increases accuracy and stability.



We are selling excellent condition API RADIAN PRO and API RADIAN Laser tracker, both demo used condition and includes Verisurf Software, for more info please contact us. API Laser Tracker RADIAN PRO is the smallest, most accurate, most versatile, and most intelligent laser tracker on the market. Our exclusive on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head reduces sources of error, thereby increases accuracy and stability. Automated Precision Inc continues its legacy as the inventor of the Laser tracker, with the API Radian. For over 20 years API has manufactured the smallest and most portable trackers on the market and the Radian is even smarter and more versatile. With built-in INNOVO the Radian provides more intelligent, flexible and more accurate auto-lock abilities, so you can measure faster! API is the only company that uses on the shaft mounting to reduce laser errors and increase stability within the instrument. The Radian uses its robust IFM to measure, and it’s ADM only to reset the beam, which makes it the most accurate tracker on the market.

API Radian Pro Laser Tracker What's Includes:

  • (1X) Radian Pro Laser Tracker
  • (1X) Control Cable
  • (1X) Power Cable
  • (1X) SMR measurement tool
  • (1X) Control box
  • (1X) Weather sensor
  • (1X) Part sensor
  • (1X) Ethernet Cord
  • (1X) Pouch Cables Bag
  • (1X) Protective Hood
  • (1X) Protective Hard Case
  • (1X) Verisurf Software


  • I-Vision automatic beam capture
  • Video/Still image capture
  • Smart Check SMR validation
  • Activity Advisor
  • Advanced Self-Diagnostics
  • ADM-Maxx, advanced ADM laser technology
  • Multiple SMR identification
  • “Shake to Drive” gesture-based commands

The standard tripod kit includes an industrial tripod, basic software and a metric set of reflectors and stands. However, to solve highly specialized tasks there is a wide range of additional devices that make it easy to solve them, for example:

  • A variety of reflectors, differing in diameter, accuracy and impact resistance
  • Tripods and clamps to install the tracker, including in the horizontal, inclined and inverted state
  • Additional software modules
  • Various supports and adapters for reflectors
  • Wands for measuring hidden points


1. Highest Precision and Accuracy: The Radian’s IFM laser is now NIST traceable.
2. Largest Working Volume:  It comes in a 20 m 50 m & 80 m range, giving you up to a 160 m working volume.
3. Lowest Cost of Ownership:  Two facilities completing calibration on the Radian, we offer quick turnaround time, so you can get back to work.
4. Most Portable IFM/ADM Laser Tracker: Quick link mounting the Radian can be mounted almost anywhere and in any orientation.
5. Dynamic Measurement: The Radian will provide continuous point data.
6. Multiple Target Identification: As quickly as you can switch targets, the Radian has already identified whether you are using an SMR or our handy I-probe.
7. INNOVO Camera: With the largest angle view on the market, the Innovo technology allows you to get the beam exactly where you need it.



Range of Measurements:
Linear Range (Diameter) 100 m (328 ft)
Also Available 40 m (132 ft) and 160+ m (526+ ft)
System Performance:
Azimuth Range ± 320º (640º end to end)
Elevation Range 79º / -59º
Angular Resolution ± 0.018 arc seconds
System Angular Accuracy 3.5 μm/m
System Resolution 0.1 μm (0.0000039 in)
Maximum Lateral Target Speed 36 m/sec (20 ft/sec)
Maximum Acceleration 2 g
Internal Level Accuracy ±2 arc-second
Static Measurement (IFM) ±10 μm or 5 ppm (2 sigmas), whichever is greater
HeNe Laser (IFM) Class II (eye safe)
Resolution 0.08 μm (0.0000031 in)
Accuracy Better Than ±0.5 ppm
IR Laser (ADM-Maxx) Class I (eye safe)
Resolution 0.1 μm (0.0000039 in)
Lock-on Accuracy ±10 μm (±0.00039 in) or 1 ppm, whichever is greater
Operating temperature -10º C to > 45º C (14º F to > 113º F)
Storage Temperature -10º C to 60º C (14º F to 140º F)
Barometric Pressure 225 mmHg - 900 mmHg
Relative Humidity 0-100% non-condensing
Altitude 3000 m (9842.49 ft)
Working Range 0 - 25 m (0 - 82 ft) (typical)
Field of Vision 30º (diagonal)
Tracker Weight 9 kg (19.8 lb)
Tracker Size 177 mm x 177 mm x 355 mm - (7 in x 7 in x 14 in)
Controller Weight 3.2 kg (7 lb)
Controller Size 110 mm x 160 mm x 310 mm - (4.3 in x 6.3 in x 12.2 in)
Download PDF Download API-Radian-3D-Laser-Tracker-Systems

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