Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600

Leica Absolute Tracker AT600 LR Laser tracker system with direct scanning capability. Direct scanning distance range up to 60 m, reflector distance range up to 80 m.



Up to sell fo Excellent condition demo used for Leica AT600 LR Scanning Laser Tracker Complete SET.very mint condition ready to work comes with complete accessoriesManufacturers are increasingly interested in digitally pinpointing and inspecting large parts and surfaces that are simply out of range of a traditional handheld 3D laser scanner, touch probe or reflector. The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 is ready to meet the challenges of these new applications with a unique working principle that can accurately locate a point in 3D space with metrology-grade accuracy without the need for a reflector at the point of measurement. Based on the established Wave-Form Digitiser technology behind some high-end surveying tools, the ATS600 is powered by the first ever Scanning Absolute Distance Meter, a metrology-grade iteration of this technical principle that can locate a point to within 300 microns from up to 60 metres away.

Leica AT600 LR Laser Tracker Includes:

  • (1X) Leica AT600 LR Scanning Laser Tracker
  • (1X) Calibration Certificate Metrology Gold 
  • (1X) MTC51 AT930/960/ATS600 Transport Container 
  • (1X) ATS Controller 
  • (1X) MPS21 Power Supply Unit
  • (1X) MCS11 Sensor Cable 1.5m 
  • (1X) AT Quick Release Mount incl. Mandrel
  • (1X) MCA18 External Temperature Sensor 2m
  • (1X) Red Ring Reflector (RRR) 1.5”
  • (1X) MAC87 Reference Sphere d=90 mm 
  • (1X) MSI26 Universal Stand Fixture
  • (1X) MAT33 Optical Cleaning Kit
  • (1X) Protective Sensor Cover 
  • (1X) HxGN SFx Asset Management PRO 
  • (1X) GPS Location Add-on for SFx Asset Management 


  • The Scanning Absolute Distance Meter (ADM): The first ever Scanning ADM allows the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 to accurately locate a point in 3D coordinate space either with or without a reflector, allowing for standard laser tracker single-point measurements alongside the unique ability to digitise a surface from up to 60 metres distance with no target in place at the point of measurement.
  • Variable Point Density: The point density of the surface measurement grid the ATS600 produces is entirely user configurable, putting the operator in complete control of finding the perfect balance between data quality and process speed.
  • Leica-Absolute-Tracker-ATS600 Selective Scanning: There’s no need for unnecessary measurement with the ATS600 – just define your target measurement area with the integrated Overview Camera or by using CAD data within your software and the system will limit its measurement process to exactly the area required – no need to mess around with parsing the data of a full-dome scan to collect a few degrees-worth of measurement data.
  • Operator Independence: With no need for a target in place to make a measurement, the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 does away with one of the more expensive parts of the typical laser tracker system – the operator at the point of measurement – making the this a laser tracker uniquely suited to automated measurement processes.
  • Metrology Workflow: With its design as a dedicated metrology device, the ATS600 is as standard fully compatible with all the accepted metrology software packages, allowing it to fit seamlessly alongside currently established metrology workflows and data processing standards.
  • PowerLock: As with every model within our Absolute Tracker line-up, the ATS600 comes with the renowned PowerLock function as standard when performing reflector measurements, allowing an interrupted line-of-sight to the measurement target to be automatically re-established with no user interaction required.
  • Combined Measurement: The ATS600 is particularly powerful when using both direct scanning and reflector measurement within the same process, whether that’s quality inspection of large parts using scanning for surfaces and a reflector for features, or build and adjust procedures where scanning provides a complete picture of the assembly and reflector measurement delivers a more accurate position reference.
  • Battery Power: The expected independent hot-swappable battery power supply is also standard for the ATS600, allowing for quick and easy cable-free setup in almost any location for better portability – ideal for a laser tracker cleared well-suited to use around large-scale worksites.
  • WiFi Connectivity: The built-in WiFi connectivity of the ATS600 adds to the impressive portability of the system, while also allowing for even easier control of a unit that can fully deliver with just a single operator.
  • IP54 Certified: The ATS600 is an IP54 IEC-certified sealed unit with guaranteed ingress protection against dust and other contaminants, enabling the laser tracker to measure effectively in even the harshest environments.
  • Absolute-Tracker-ATS600 2MeteoStation: An integrated environmental monitor checks conditions including temperature, pressure and humidity, allowing for the recording of accurate measurements regardless of the challenges of hostile measurement settings.
  • All-in-One Design: As with all our laser tracker systems, the ATS600 has been built for portability, weighing in at less than 15 kilograms and able to be securely transported within a single small flight case.
  • Orient to Gravity (OTG): The OTG function enables users to measure with the Z-axis aligned to gravity, ideal for levelling and alignment tasks such as build and inspect of tool and jig fixturing.
  • Real-Time Asset Management: The AT960/AT930/ATS600 is fully compatible with HxGN SFx | Asset Management, the leading solution for asset performance management in the world of Industry 4.0. Based on data collected in real-time and reported through a centralised user-friendly dashboard, SFx Asset Management has been optimised for the management of laser tracker-based systems and is an essential part of every smart manufacturing strategy.


  • Absolute angle performance: ± 15 μm + 6 μm/m
  • Length measurement (EUni:0:LT,MPE): ± 100 μm (All accuracies specified as Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). Typical values are half of MPE)
  • Range noise: < 80 μm
  • Absolute accuracy: < ± 300 μm
  • Reflector measurement (radius): 0.8 ? 80 m
  • Non-contact measurement (radius): 1.5 ? 60 m
  • Scanning speed: 1 kHz
  • Scanning rate: < 10 sec/? (Fast Mode) AND 135 sec/? (Standard Mode)
  • Download Leica-Absolute-Tracker-ATS600

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