FARO FocusS 70 laser Scanner

The FARO Focus S70 is a high accuracy, short range scanner specifically designed for architecture, engineering, construction, product design and public safety-forensics professionals.



Up for sale mint condition Faro Focus S70 HDR 3D Laser Scanner, manufactured in 2020 this set up is in great condition and ready to go to work, comes with a SCENE 7.1 software Install USB and a fresh Certificate of Calibration Included from FARO Authorized office. Faro Focus S70 HDR 3D Laser Scanner is a compact and lightweight device designed for mobility and durability. This scanner can be used indoors and outdoors, for a number of applications and industries, such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Forensics, or Product Design. The Faro S70 is a laser scanner designed to capture reality, which can then be used for analyzing, design, and documentation. This scanner has some amazing features, such as HDR functionality, sophisticated temperature control, and a phenomenal IP rating (We will go more into detail soon). Some benefits from using the economical Faro S70 include the power to scan in challenging environments, on-site compensation, and integration into existing software packages, such as Autodesk solutions.


  • (1X) Focus S70 HDR 3D Laser Scanner
  • (2X) Battery Power Block and Dock
  • (1X) Faro software SCENE 7.1
  • (1X) 90W Power Supply
  • (1X) Optic Cleaning Fluid and Tissues 32 GB SD Card
  • (1X) Gitzo GT2543L Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • (1X) Set reference sphere set (6 Spheres)
  • (1X) SD Card Reader and Cover
  • (1X) Allen Wrench
  • (1X) Rugged Transport Case
  • (1X) Calibration Certificate
  • (1X) Quick Start Guide
  • (1X) Hard Travel Case and Backpack
  • Download Faro_Focus_M70_S70_S150_S350_User_Manual

> Range Focus S70 : 0.6-70 m
> High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo recording 2x/3x/5x
> Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points per second
> Ranging error: +/- 1 mm
> Sealed design – Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class 54
> On-site compensation
> Accessory Bay
> Angular Accuracy: 19 arc sec for vertical/horizontal angles
> Integer. Color camera: Up to 165 Mio. Pixel
> Laser Class: Laser class 1
> Weight: 4.2 kg
> Multi-Sensor: GPS, Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator
> Size: 230 x 183 x 103 mm
> Scanner control: via touchscreen display and WLAN

>  Architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
>  Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
>  Mining industry and tunnel construction
>  Public service corporations
>  Aircraft construction and naval architecture
>  Foundries and steel industry
>  Chemistry and process industry
>  Forensics

> The Faro S70 can be run with the Faro Scene Software designed by the company itself. Faro created the Scene software specifically for only a few selected of their laser scanner series, including all three focus devices. Utilizing Faro’s software will help with many of their features that come with the S70, including on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration, and positioning.
> Like many other 3D laser scanners, Autodesk’s software package, such as Revit, AutoCAD, Recap, and more. There are other 3rd party software partners listed on the Faro website, such as Rhino3D, BuildIT, and Rapidform.
> Another unique software that Faro has created is called the Faro As-Built Solutions. This is a plugin Faro has designed to work directly into AutoCAD and Revit, which merges features between software and enables users with more freedom and flexibility.

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